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TNMC Alumni Association of America (TGA - USA chapter)
501(c)(3) Non-profit Charitable Organization (Tax ID: 27-4940815)
Why do we need a TNMC USA chapter?  To meet once in a while of course, have a little fun, reminisce about the good old days where "line-maraoing" for the guys and "being line-maraoed" for the girls was the only other occupation most of us had apart from learning real medicine. Or was it the other way around?  It's really lovely to be told twenty five years later that someone had a crush on you in medical school and there really is nothing like an evening of rollicking fun, singing, eating and dancing together. If you were at the immaculately organized 2010 meeting in New Jersey, you will know what I mean.  The triennial meet is certainly about all of that, don't doubt it - but there's more… a whole lot more.

That whole lot more is about purpose- ideas, initiatives, enterprise directed not only towards ourselves and our own but for the betterment of the world out there. This is the time to give back solidly. With the Grace of God, the brilliance of our teachers at TNMC and the blessings of our parents we, each one of us, are solidly positioned in our careers. We compete with the best and again prove that we are the best. It would likely not be a stretch of imagination to say that we are at the point in our lives now where the achievements of some of our own might even inspire. 

So this is the point in our lives where we must stop thinking about ourselves and put our tremendous collective abilities into serious collective purpose. Now is the time to come together once again, brothers and sisters of TNMC all, to take these final steps together, decisively as one. TNMC made us who we are make no mistake about that. Our teachers made us, who we are, make no mistake. All those hours invested in the wards, ORs, clinics (yes even the "secret" ones) made us - most from ordinary if not humble beginnings to who we are today. Today we are therefore strength to contend with.

Let's ask ourselves: have we come this far along the path of success to simply stop now, sit back and selfishly enjoy the spoils of our education? Have we come so far only to look out for ourselves and ours or is there more to our mission as TNMCites than just that? Can we together become an instrument of that one final lofty goal of every physician - to be of service to others?

Help a person, help a village, change a system, directly when you can.

Go home knowing that you have left your mark somewhere, indelibly as a TNMCite. Your achievements in this regard will be chronicled for all to see on this website. Be that inspiration for your children. There is always so much to be done somewhere.

Individual achievements aside we are a force to contend with as TNMCites in America. Who says that things only need to change "back home?", may be not. How do you feel about health care in the good old' US of A, our homeland now? If you think there are things that can benefit from change, why not put our strength behind voices that can make it happen? If TNMC is about the past, it is also about the present and the future, our future and the future of our children right here perhaps aspiring or training to be doctors. We, TNMCites, now live here in America. We must participate in the events of change.

That is the specific reason why, amongst others we need a USA chapter- because only we understand the problems here, we have worked in the system and only we as TNMCites in America can attempt to work on the solutions.  We are geographically located all over the United States and many of us wield considerable influence. Let's use our voice to partner with the voices of change. 

The specifics will come with each set of leadership - this year with Hemant and his group, the next with Sunil and his merry men and women. Like a ducks feet paddling furiously under the water to enable it to flow gracefully on the surface, let's work all year through together to actualize our thoughts and have a major voice in health care in the USA.

As any good driver knows, looking at the rear view mirror is essential to get to our destination safely. That's where we have the wonderful knowledge of alma mater. Proud TNMCites all, we are a fraternity yes maybe even an elite one in the USA. We are also family and we look out for each other and our children, no questions asked. If God forbid, one should stumble we should have an entire community to break the fall. That takes time and feeling and effort. That is what TNMC USA will be about. 
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